Sunday, August 15, 2010

Uncle Doug

It's interesting to me how some kids seem to be naturally comfortable with certain people. Macie is this way with Dale's brother, Doug. It doesn't matter how much time passes without us seeing him, Macie always runs right up to him and gives him a big bear hug. Yesterday was no different, when we ventured to Boone to spend a few hours at Doug's family's river property.

After spending some time wading in the river (including a short upstream jaunt to the bridge pulling the girls in the float which, sadly, gave me the best workout I'd had in a while), we were relaxing in lawn chairs watching folks float down the river. Macie climbed up into Doug's lap, and I grabbed the camera...

First, despite Doug's efforts, her attention was stolen by the floaters-by.

But it didn't take long for silly Uncle Doug to elicit a grin.

And then, almost as quickly as it began, it was time to move on to something else (like bothering her cousin in the hammock), and down Doug's lap she slid.

Sweet family moments...

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