Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reasons 4 and 5...

Two more reasons why I love being a mommy. And short stories to support them.

4. Discovering a new tickle spot.

Last night at bedtime, I put Macie in her crib and she began her nightly routine of sitting upright, drinking out of her water bottle, and simultaneously patting her lap to get me to cover her up with her blanket. As she tilted her bottle up for a drink, I randomly reached over the crib rail and tickled her under her chin.

Macie erupted in laughter, almost choking on the water (whoops!). It was so funny that I couldn't help but continue the tickling. I wish I could have caught it on video. What is it about hysterical laughing that causes kids to get the hiccups?!? I'm just glad hiccups don't appear to be as annoying to toddlers as they are to adults. Or I'd have felt guilty.

5. Laughing at the random things that your children learn from you (without you intending to teach them).

Or, in this example, what Ivie has learned from Dale. And it doesn't take much of an explanation to get the picture.

You can always tell when Ivie walks into the bathroom if she has to go potty or poopy. Wanna know how?

If she's going poopy, she turns on the fan. NICE.

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Mark Nguyen said...

i told you you should've gotten a holster for that flip :-)