Friday, August 6, 2010

Pack a Pack!

Last Sunday at church, we learned of a World Relief effort for refugee children in the United States as the beginning of the school year draws near. It's called Back-2-School, and it involves buying supplies that these children need, but can't afford themselves.

Since today marked the start of our tax-free weekend in North Carolina, the girls and I headed to Target after dinner to stock a backpack to help a little girl (Ivie's choice) on her way to elementary school. While we ate dinner, I explained to Ivie what we would be doing. And, by the time we got to Target, she was ultra-excited. In fact, while we shopped, she told 3 or 4 strangers that we were "buying things for a little girl to take to school."

As we looked at the backpack selection, Ivie and I were in disagreement. She wanted to get a Dora backpack, and I wanted to get one a little less "character-y". I tried explaining to her that we didn't know how old the little girl was that would be getting this backpack, so it was hard to know if she would still like Dora. Ivie, of course, who thinks that everyone likes Dora, didn't take too kindly to that reasoning. As we talked, a young woman passed by, laughing, and said, "It sounds like you're doing the same thing as me...", and showed me her flyer for Back-2-School, as well! I finally convinced Ivie that when it came time for HER to go to Kindergarten, she could get a Dora backpack. But, for now, she needed to relent and go with the pink plaid one. Miraculously, she agreed!

Although we stretched bedtime out for this outing (and Macie made me pay for it by the time we got home), it was well worth it.

Another reason I love being a mommy?

3. Watching your child take pride in helping others and happily share her excitement with whomever will listen.

National Collection Week for the Back-2-School program is August 16-22, 2010. Check out this link to find out how you can "pack a pack", yourself!

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