Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Good and the Ugly (Skipping Right Over the Bad)


Ivie's book of choice at bedtime tonight was Clifford's Birthday Party. At one point in the story, it talks about one of his gifts being a pinata. Interested in Ivie's take on that, I initiated the following conversation:

Me: Ivie, do you know what a "pinata" is?

Ivie: Yes.

Me (surprised at her confident response): You do? What is it?

Ivie: Like on the Lion King!

Me: Hmmmm. I don't remember a pinata on the Lion King. Can you tell me when you saw one?

Ivie: You know, Mommy, "a-coooooo-ma nataada"!

Close, Iv. Very close.


Generally, when Dale is home, he reads with Ivie at bedtime. Not only does he love this quiet time with his little girl, but it also seems that Ivie handles going to bed much better when it's Dale that is in charge. (Dale says it's because I'm "not firm enough" and I "give in" too easily to her requests for a longer hand-holding session. I guess I can't argue with that.)

Anyway, sometimes I feel guilty for putting this responsibility on Dale every night. Particularly when the bedtime process for Macie literally takes 11.8 seconds from start to finish.

Tonight was one of those nights. When Ivie asked if I would read her a book, I said "Sure!" and asked Dale if he was okay with swapping kids for the night. He didn't balk...

Book-reading went fine. So did the first 3 minutes of hand-holding. Until, that is, it was time for me to leave. At which point she broke down into a sob, climbed out of her bed, and literally chased me to the door, screaming, "Noooooo, Mommy! I want you! Don't leeeeeeeeeave me!!!".

Trying to be the "firm" version of myself, I left.

But 3 minutes later, when she was still crying out my name, I went back in to calm her down (this usually works, as she wears herself out and is ready to go to sleep).

Didn't work this time. And, 5 minutes later, I was again walking out and closing the door on a weeping 4-year old. Then, for the next several minutes, I listened to her cry herself to sleep.

There's something about ME putting Ivie to bed that just isn't working right now. I envision bedtime being pleasant, snuggly, and sweet. And it's exactly the opposite these days.

MAN it makes me sad.

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