Friday, April 16, 2010

Show-and-Tell, Round 50: Princess Bath Toys

If it's princess AND bath related, it's a pretty sure bet that Ivie Schae Herman will like it.

That's what I told my mom before convincing her that these princess bath toys would be a hit for Ivie's birthday present this year. I'm a big fan of bath toys, since the girls will end up playing with them AT LEAST every other night, unlike all of the other really cool toys that sit, idle, around our house (particularly this time of year when every waking play moment is spent outside on the playground).

The bath toys arrived from just in time to be frantically wrapped before Ivie got home from school on her birthday. And they've been in the bath with us each night, leaving the confines of the tub only one time - this morning to trek to school with Iv for Show-and-Tell!

While I had the camera out, Ivie wanted to take a picture. And she loves taking pics of Macie and me, for some reason. Here's today's version... Me with my blue-eyed beauty!

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Mark Nguyen said...

That's a VERY impressive photo Ivie took. And I bet your camera doesn't even have two eye holes either. :-)