Monday, April 26, 2010

4 Year Check-Up and a Quick Funny...

Doctor's Visit

Just a quick update after Ivie's 4-year check-up this morning. Ivie's not a big fan of doctors. Not sure if any 4-year-old is, really, since they hear doctor and immediately think shots.

I was certain that at her 3-year check-up, Dr. Joe told me that she wouldn't have to get shots again until it was time to go to Kindergarten. So I thought we would get off the hook today, which was how we finally convinced Ivie that it was okay to go in the door...

Turns out, we lied.

Dr. Joe broke the news early, telling us that we could go ahead and get the shots out of the way at age 4, instead of waiting until 5. He made a good point, saying that 4-year-olds are more apt to forgive and forget. While, at 5, they tend to hold grudges. Then, too, we would be able to be "in and out" at her 5-year visit, with everyone happy and smiling about the upcoming transition to Kindergarten.

So I read Ivie a Nemo book they had in the room and we waited for Mr. Brian to come in with the shot tray. 3 of them, quickly, in her thighs. She handled #1 like a pro, with just a slight flinch. Then she realized what was happening. But at least she didn't break out into an all-out wail until the third needle went in...

But then it was over, and she had her 3 sparkly band-aids to show for it. Also, we agreed let her bring her pillow with her to school for naptime. So she was happy.

Quickly, here are her stats. Apparently, folks that muse, "Ivie's tall, isn't she?" are spot-on...

Height: 42 inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 37 pounds (75th percentile)


I'm not really sure how we met Jesús. But, since the time Dale and I moved into our house almost 6 years ago, Jesús and his "crew" (sometimes his brother, sometimes his buddies, sometimes his son) have been helping Dale with our yard. And our backflow (whatever that is). And, as luck would have it, Jesús now spends his workweek working for a plumber. So he fixed our dripping shower this weekend, too! He's just an all-around handyman that we're so thankful to know (especially since he "takes care of" the snakes he finds in our yard!).

So, anyway, Ivie and Macie are familiar with Jesús and are used to him being around. But it's only been recently that Ivie has asked us what his name is (she's in that stage now where she is intrigued by people's names). Since Jesús is not a common name in Ivie's world, it's been a bit tough for her to get her arms (and pronunciation) around. We're working on it.

In the meantime, Ivie will continue to refer to Jesús as:

"Hey Moose!"

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"Hey Moose!" that made me smile!