Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, 2010

I think the best way to organize this year's Easter post is to do it by location of the hunt. Because there were a total of FOUR. Which is, admittedly, a little much. But Ivie had a blast with each and every one, and, by the end of her last, Macie was a pro, too.


Thanks to Brooke, who attended the festivities armed with her camera, I've got a few pictures of the girls at their first egg hunt at school on Thursday. Ivie's was outside in their play yard, while Macie's was a smaller-scale version in her classroom.


Saturday morning, we had our annual egg-dyeing session at home and then headed up the road to the Kelly's for our first neighborhood egg hunt. Macie's interest in the eggs was minimal, which might have had something to do with the fact that there were bigger kids there who quickly scooped up the easy-to-find ones. But she "found" 3 or 4 with my help, and then moved on to something much more interesting - the play car in the driveway, which belongs to Hudson Kelly (who, interestingly enough, was born just hours after Macie, both at UNC Hospitals).

Ivie, though, stuck with the hunt long enough to find some of the more difficultly-hidden eggs that the bigger kids had overlooked. She was most excited about the two Spiderman eggs she found!

Chapel Hill Country Club

After a quick lunch, Dale and Ivie jumped in the car to get to the country club for the 12:45p start to THEIR egg hunt. Though, as you'll see below, it wasn't much of a hunt. There were a lot of kids, but hundreds of eggs on the driving range.

I stayed home with the Mac-ster so she could get a solid afternoon nap, but Dale filled in admirably with the camera at the club. Complete with a shot of Iv with the Easter Bunny!


By the time Easter morning actually got here, one might think that the girls would have grown weary of all of these egg hunts. Ohhhhh, not so! When we told Ivie after church that we had one more egg hunt at home, her reaction was almost as if it were her first of the year.

And the practice earlier in the weekend was good for Macie. By the time the home hunt rolled around, she actually knew what she was supposed to DO with the eggs lying on the ground!

After the egg hunt was over, all three girls (Ivie, Emerson, and Macie) stole some playtime on the swings. This, along with our evening hamburger and hot dog dinner cookout, was the perfect way to conclude our Easter celebration with the Dever clan.

Yes, the Easter holiday for our 3- and 1-year old girls this year was centered around finding plastic eggs and trying to convince their parents to let them eat the candy hidden inside...

But I can't wait until they're old enough to truly UNDERSTAND what the Easter story really means for all of us. Thank you, Jesus, for giving us such an amazing reason to celebrate!

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