Monday, December 28, 2009


Much to her delight, Ivie and the boys have spent every spare moment this weekend in the pool. It's all she can talk about, and, thankfully, Luke and Rod seem to enjoy it just as much as Ivie. We're hoping to sneak in one more morning session tomorrow before we head home.

Macie and I have joined in the fun only once. She wasn't a big fan, deciding that she doesn't want to sit in the baby float any more, instead preferring to hang out with me while I held her in the water off to the side of the action, watching the boys playing catch back and forth between the pool and the hot tub. It was quickly closing in on her nap time, and she was calm and cuddly, so I admit to keeping her in there with me longer than I should have, reveling in the rare snuggle time with my "baby".

I didn't bring the camera to the pool, knowing that I wouldn't have a free dry hand with which to manipulate it, so you'll have to settle for some pictures of the preparation in our condo. My favorite? The one in the bottom right corner of the kids sitting by the door in a single file line, waiting patiently for the adults to get ready! Though the shot of the "hats" in the top left corner runs a close second!

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Brooke @ The Dever Dish said...

I love the fact that they all lined cute!! Even Mac got in on the action.