Sunday, December 20, 2009

Paci Toddler?

Neither of my babies took a pacifier. Or maybe I should re-phrase. Ivie never took a pacifier, and since it was really nice not having to break her of the habit, I decided to purposefully avoid even introducing it to Macie. So she never took one, either.

Until, that is, about 3 weeks ago, when, on a particularly crabby night at home, she was digging through her toy bin and came across one (since that's where the random ones we still own have ended up). And she put it in her mouth. And she was instantly, wait for it, P-A-C-I-F-I-E-D. I'm not kidding. She went from crazy, screaming toddler to quiet and peaceful (yet still very tired) bystander.

Dale and I just looked at each other.

From that point on, a paci has ventured with us on all evening outings. From 5p when we pick her up at school, until 7:30p when she goes to bed, Macie is one exhausted cookie. And the pacifier has gotten her through those tough nights when we're out-and-about and need her cooperation.

So you can bet that it made the trip to Missouri with us. And it has come in more-than-handy these last 5 days when naps have been "off" and she hasn't laid head-to-crib before 9:00p...

While I still am doing my best to keep it from becoming a habit we have to break (trying not to give it to her for nap or bedtime itself), it sure is nice to have a surefire way to calm her down. Besides, she sure is a CUTE paci toddler. Don't you agree?!?


Jill said...

Oh be thankful she doesn't suck her thumb!! I am so ready for Anna to STOP! It is a very hard habit to break.

Mark Nguyen said...