Monday, December 14, 2009

Disney on Ice

Saturday morning, we took Ivie to see Disney on Ice at the RBC Center in Raleigh. This was her second such production, as we had gone to see Sesame Street in May. We were joined by the Dever family this time, though, doubling the fun!

The theme of this particular Disney on Ice show was "Let's Celebrate!". The characters celebrated several different holidays and even had an "un-birthday" party to start the show.

I'm sure you're not surprised that I took a few pictures to document our day. But it turns out I was lucky my camera was allowed in the building in the first place, since I got called out by an usher at intermission (while we contemplated the various souvenirs in the concourse), who told me that cameras with "detachable lenses" weren't allowed in the show. So I quickly ducked back to my seat and waited for the lights to dim so I would be safe to snap away...

I hope these give you an idea of our Disney fun!


Random Character Shots

Various Holiday Celebrations


Ivie's Favorites: The Princesses!

And, so Macie doesn't feel left out (she stayed home with Miss Colleen today), a few princess pictures of her own... All princesses love Oreos, right?

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