Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Leapfrog Fun Center

On Sunday afternoon, after several days of being mostly cooped up inside because of snow and cold temperatures, we were all looking for a way to burn off some of the kids' energy. Scott and Bobbie's idea was to take them to Leapfrog Fun Center in Holts Summit, which is only about 15 minutes from Jefferson City.

Ivie was entirely self-sufficient and preoccupied with exploring the facility with Olivia, so I spent the majority of my time following Macie around and helping her in and out of the bounce houses. Thus, most of these pictures are of her! But I did sneak over to the ball pit to snap a few shots of the others (sans Gavin, for some odd reason - maybe because he's not a big fan of getting down INTO the balls, preferring to walk along the outer edge of the pit while holding on to the netting!).

The 10,000 square foot building, full of bounce houses, ball pits, and mazes, was just what the doctor ordered. All seven kids were able to run and bounce around for a couple of hours before heading home for much-needed afternoon naps. (Who am I kidding? The adults napped, too!)

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