Sunday, December 27, 2009

All Hands on Deck

What a relaxing time the Herman clan is having at the beach! The older cousins went for a nearly 2-hour swim this morning, while Macie napped and I showered. Before the swim ended, Macie and I had some rare quiet time to ourselves, which we spent enjoying a Biscoff cookie snack (no Delta airline flight required, thanks to the local Kroger!) and playing stacking games with her new toys.

After lunch and before nap, the girls spent some time hanging out on our deck, which has a wonderful view of the ocean and its "sandbox", as Ivie calls it. The sun was perfect for some "glowing" shots of the girls. So I'm going to upload these individually, instead of as a typical collage, so we (or I, at least!) can enjoy them in full format on the blog.


Brooke @ The Dever Dish said...

Great pictures....some of the best yet. That new lens was worth every penny.

Stacy W. said...

so adorable....nice shots!