Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dale's 37th Birthday

When the dust settled after Ivie's birthday party in April, she began asking when it would be her birthday again. In an attempt to explain to her how long it would be (in words a 3-year-old would understand), we told her that first it had to be Daddy's birthday, then Macie's, then Mommy's, then Christmas, and THEN it would be her birthday again...

So when that finally hit home, she started saying, "Daddy, your birthday is next!!". And each time she would have a snack (e.g., cookies, crackers, candy, etc.), she would give a piece to Dale, with explicit instructions: "Don't eat it now, Daddy. Save it for your birthday." What a stash he would have had if he had listened to her instead of discreetly eating the snack when she stopped paying attention!

So tonight after dinner, we celebrated Dale's birthday with a cookie cake. Incidentally, a cookie cake was Dale's 3rd choice. German chocolate was first (YUCK!), and I don't remember what his 2nd choice was, but it was something else I wouldn't eat. So we went with option #3 that I knew all of us would enjoy. Including Macie, who got (and loved) her first taste of chocolate chip cookie tonight.

Ivie spent her time at home this morning and tonight wishing her daddy a happy birthday, over and over. That kid LOVES birthdays! Here's a video of Ivie singing Happy Birthday to her Daddy, pre-cookie cake. Now she just has to wait 3 months for Macie's birthday to do it again...

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Stacy W. said...

so sweet! one bite of that cookie and I'm sure she thought it was her birthday!
Hope you made dale a new home cooked meal!