Friday, June 12, 2009

Macie's 9-Month Stats

We had Macie's check-up this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that at the 9-month visit, there are NO SHOTS. Macie doesn't understand yet that she got off easy. But she'll know in 3 months... Right now, though, she's happily oblivious to what "every-3-months check-ups" mean for her for the next 9 months. (After 18 months, they apparently don't have to get any more shots until Kindergarten! Woo-hoo!)

So really, aside from having to wake up after only a 15-minute power nap in the car/doctor's office waiting room (not long enough to get in a full morning nap!), she had a pretty good day, and even got to hang out with Mommy for longer than normal this morning.

So here are her stats. And, for comparison sake, I'm throwing in Ivie's 9-month stats, too...

Weight: 19 pounds, 6 ounces (50th - 75th percentile)
Length: 27 3/4 inches (50th percentile)
Head: 45 3/4 centimeters (90th-95th percentile)

Weight: 18 pounds, 8 ounces
Length: 28 1/8 inches
Head: 44 centimeters

Funny story about Macie's head circumference measurement today. I think I've mentioned before that Dale is very sensitive to this one; he has a fairly large head, and I think he's secretly terrified that the girls are going to end up with disproportionately large noggins. So each time Ivie or Macie has her head measured, he is quick to confirm with the doctor or nurse that it's a "normal" reading. Sadly, Dale couldn't be at the appointment today (he's in DC at a meeting), so he couldn't express his typical concern.

His absence was duly noted, though, when Dr. Dunk told me that Macie's head circumference was in the 90th-95th percentile. She snickered and jokingly said, without any prompting from me, "Macie, that's partly because of your big brain, and partly because of your DADDY!". We both got a hearty laugh out of that. Even Dale was amused when I recounted the story to him later.

Is anyone else finding it hard to believe that my baby is 9 months old already?!?

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