Friday, June 26, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Dale played in a golf tournament with a buddy of his in Charlotte today, so he didn't get to see the girls this morning. As typical when he's gone, he called around 8'ish, since he knew we'd be on our way to school.

Ivie and I both talked to him for a few minutes over the Bluetooth speaker phone in my car. After telling her daddy about what she had for breakfast, and assuring him that she'd been "a good listener for Mommy this morning", Ivie told Dale she loved him and said bye. Dale did the same, and we hung up.

After being off the phone for only a few seconds, Ivie said, reflectively, "He's my best daddy in the whole world." It was one of those simple statements by a kid that catches you totally off-guard and melts your heart. Don't you just LOVE those?!?

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