Friday, August 14, 2009

Walkin' Shoes and Playing Outside

We got Macie her first pair of "walkin' shoes" last week. She still much prefers to walk barefoot (who doesn't?!?), but she loves that I'll let her get down and play in her sneakers when we're outside now!

Speaking of playing outside, we recently got Ivie her first "real" bike, as she's outgrown her tricycles. Remembering that Ivie is only 3 years old, we decided against the fancy (and oh so expensive) Trek bikes at the local bike store we first checked out, opting instead for the cheaper "Dora" bike at Toys R Us. Which Ivie, of course "adora's"! So the bike has taken over as her favorite cul-de-sac mode of travel, leaving the scooter and the foot-propelled Radio Flyer trike (which actually belongs to Emerson) to entertain Macie, who, once again, thinks she's older than she is. More proof that it's true what "they" say about younger siblings growing up faster because they're eager to chase after the bigger kids. Slow down, Mac - I'm not ready for 2 "big girls" yet!

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