Saturday, August 1, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 31: "Felicia"

Dale and I had a conversation yesterday morning about Ivie's choice for Show-and-Tell. Dale said, "Surely you've already done a blog on Felicia!?!", since she's been a member of our family for so long. But I questioned it, thinking that Felicia might have gone to school before I started the Show-and-Tell blogs.

Turns out I was right. No blog on Felicia yet. Felicia (obviously one of the babies from Shrek the Third) is one of the ugliest dolls you'll ever see. It was on sale at Target over a year ago, and I'm not surprised that it wasn't a big seller. But it turns out that it was one of the best impulse toy purchases we've ever made (and we've made a lot of them), because it's become one of Ivie's favorites. Felicia rarely has all of her clothes on, since it's very simple velcro on both the shirt and the diaper, so they're more often than not pulled off and left strewn somewhere around the house. So it's pretty huge that I was able to find both pieces yesterday morning to send Felicia to school fully clad.

Macie has grown to enjoy Felicia, too. Why, you ask? Because Felicia's ears (made of a soft rubber) are GREAT for chomping, which is Mac's sole requirement in a toy these days. In fact, maybe we should take Felicia to MACIE'S class at school so she will spend her time biting the ears instead of her classmates...

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