Sunday, August 16, 2009

T-Ball's Over, Already?!?

Saturday was the last t-ball game of the summer. I'm happy to report that Ivie made VAST improvements over the course of the season. By the last game of the year, she was happily putting on the batting helmet (though still showing preference for the UNC one), stepping up to the plate, hitting the ball, and taking off running. Though we still have the previously-reported issue of her heading directly for 2nd base, at least she was running and having fun with it!

Now, her work in the field is going to take some work. If I'd have had my camera with me on Saturday, I would have snapped a picture of her hanging out at the water break table in the deep outfield while the rest of her team played the field. I think she's decided that if the ball isn't going to come to her, she's going to do her best to stay hydrated! Guess I can't blame her!

To put a wrap on the t-ball season, I thought I'd include a collage of more of the great pictures taken on our team's "picture day", which I explained in the previous post, Major Hops. We'll be back with more action shots of Ivie when she takes on SOCCER this fall. Neither Dale nor I played soccer growing up, and neither of us really enjoy watching it (with the exception of UNC's women's team, of course!), so this could be interesting. But it will be good for Ivie to get out and run around and, if we're lucky, continue to learn to enjoy the fun of playing sports...

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Mark Nguyen said...

t-ball and now soccer? i can't believe ivie isn't sleeping with a basketball yet! shame on you all.