Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dear Concerned Reader...

While I fully acknowledge that a PICTURE of a new tooth would be much more exciting than the boring "tooth chart", I must explain that when a new tooth just cuts through, it is impossible to take an identifiable picture of it. For some reason, an almost-11-month-old resists the wide-open-mouth-with-camera-lens-inserted position. Heck, I, as an almost 33-year-old, would probably fight that battle, too!

But I promise that there will be MANY more pictures of the cutest girls in the world. And probably very soon. And in one (or several) of them, I promise that you will get to see Macie's new teeth as they come in. So please accept the tooth chart for now.

It's the least I can do for my favorite Stacy (aka, "concerned reader") on her birthday. Love ya, girl! And miss you terribly. Do we have a job for you at UNC yet? Oh, wait, we have to at least wait until after you prove your mettle by passing Comps... We're praying for ya!

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