Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tucking Macie In

I've blogged before about our nightly ritual of Ivie and Daddy coming in to give Macie and me good night kisses before going into Ivie's room to read books. Generally, I'm in the middle of nursing Mac, and she's very near sleep, so when Ivie opens the door to come in, I immediately make my "shhhhhh" face to make sure she stays quiet.

Ivie's got her routine down pat. She comes to my left side and gives Macie a kiss on her head. Then she walks around to my right side to give ME a night-night kiss. Finally, without fail, she heads to Macie's closet door. Because on that door each night hangs Macie's bath towel to dry. She grabs the towel off the door, brings it over to us, and gently lays it on Macie. Puts the towel right up to her chin and makes sure that she's entirely snuggled in.

What a sweet moment between sisters. It makes my heart smile.

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