Friday, April 24, 2009

Show-and-Tell, Round 22: My Little Pony, "Rainbow"

Nina and Papa took Ivie shopping for her birthday when they were here with the girls last week. One of Ivie's gifts was this My Little Pony doll with multi-colored hair. Hence the name "Rainbow."

You know it's a good gift when she demands to take it to bed with her, which she did for nap the day they got it and has several times since.

You'll note in the picture that Rainbow is pictured with one of the many ducks from Ivie's bathroom. Ivie INTENDED for them both to go to Show-and-Tell today. But, since they're not related and are clearly different items, they didn't meet my "rule" for multiple show-and-tell items. So I put the kibosh on that idea. Not that I was tough mom or anything... Both Rainbow and the duck came in the car with us, and by the time we got to school after her 3-year doctor check-up, she'd forgotten about it and I was able to put Rainbow in her hands and hurry her into the building without a second glance back at duck, whom I'd stuck on the side of the car seat.

Thanks for Rainbow, Nina and Papa! Wish you could be here tomorrow for Ivie's birthday party. I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures to share so it will feel like you were here with us...

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Trish said...

My Little Pony was one of my favorites growing up! : )