Saturday, April 4, 2009


Maybe she's got a tooth coming in. Maybe it's a growth spurt. Maybe her ear infection is still bothering her. Maybe she's not getting enough to eat during the day. Maybe she needs to sleep on her belly (but can't quite roll over on her own while sleeping). Maybe she's gotten used to a middle-of-the-night feeding. Maybe she just loves seeing her Mommy's smile (and sharing one of her own) in the wee hours of the night.

Could be any one of these. Or a combination.

Whatever it is, Macie's not sleeping through the night any more. All of a sudden. So random. And so frustrating.

I don't believe in cursing. But I must say that a few expletives slipped out last night on the multiple trips to her room between 2:57a (when she first started crying) and 4:47a (the last time I looked at the clock after listening to her cry for 15 straight minutes before finally going to sleep). Dale was amused by this (the cursing, not the fact that we were awake for 2 hours). I was not.

None of this would bother me nearly as much if I didn't know that, in exactly 10 days, I won't be there to nurse and snuggle Macie through these night-time awakenings. Nope. In 10 days, Dale and I will be in Cancun. And I was really hoping that by the time this trip rolled around, Mac would be soundly sleeping through the night without the help of a late-night snack. For her sake and for Nina and Papa's!

Maybe the last few nights have been a fluke. And by the time Nina and Papa arrive, Mac will be back to the champion sleeper we thought we had a month ago.


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