Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Dale and I have discovered that it's really great to have something to hold over Ivie's head to encourage her to take a nap. Yesterday, post-nap, she had a birthday party to go to for a little boy in her class. Today, it was the promise of a visit from Peter Cottontail ("hoppin' down the bunny trail").

Our Easter Egg Hunt was housed in the front lawn of our neighbors, the Devers, for 2 reasons, really. First, their little girl, Emerson, was obviously joining Ivie for the festivities. And secondly, and most importantly, the grass in our yard is way too long right now. Dale intends to cut it tomorrow, but we were afraid that even the ADULTS wouldn't be able to find all the eggs if we hid them in our yard today!

Following the hunt, Ivie helped Daddy open all the eggs and take out the candy. She even managed to convince him to let her have a piece or two. Okay, who are we kidding? She had quite a bit. It's Easter, right?!? Second only to Halloween when it comes to sugar rushes... We brushed her teeth for an extra 2 minutes before bed to compensate.

For the rest of the evening, Ivie went around the house calling out "Happy Easter!!" over and over to whomever she could get to listen. Including Macie. We think the candy turned her sweet, even if just for an afternoon...

Here are some picture collages from our fun. One for Ivie, one for Macie, and one of some group shots. Happy Easter, everyone!

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Trish said...

There is something so precious about little girls and their Easter dresses!