Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Mom Song

This is how I feel after a day at home today with two sick girls. Moms, you have to watch this. Dads, you should watch, too...

By the way, I've now got a sore throat that has been evolving all day to get to the point where it is now and I can barely swallow... Not to mention the headache that popped up around 3p and hasn't gone away...

And did I forget to add that our power went out for an hour tonight, right at dinner time, so we had to scrounge to find the flashlights (my mom would NOT have been proud, being that I could tell you without a second's hesitation where they ALL were at 811 Oakbrook Drive growing up, right, Schaeperkoetter clan?!?). We were saved only by the decorative (and now partially burned) Christmas candles that we KNEW were sitting inside the doorway to the living room. So we ate dinner by candle/flashlight, with Ivie asking every so often if we could please "fix" the television, as she was missing Max and Ruby... And of course I was stressing that the power would be out long enough to effectively render my 3-weeks-worth of frozen breastmilk useless, so I'd placed multiple calls to friends to find out if their power was out and, if not, if they wouldn't mind storing some of it for me...

But here it is, 8:10p. The power came back on around 7:00p (thanks, God!) just in time for bathtime for both girls. And now they're both quiet in their rooms. Ahhhhhhh. Time to catch up on Biggest Loser.

Watch the video. I mean it. It's worth it!

1 comment:

Mark said...

Amy: Hey, is your power out?
Friend: No. Is yours out?
Amy: Yeah. Hey, can I ask you a favor?
Friend: Sure.
Amy: Would you mind storing some of my frozen breast milk?
Non-Friend: (Silence)
Amy: Hello? Hello?