Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Wreck...

Both of the girls are home with me today. This was not planned. The plan for the day was for Ivie to go to school (she much prefers school to a boring day at home with Mommy!) and for me to catch up on some baby time with Macie, who has been to school the first 3 days of this week.

But, as luck would have it, Ivie got hit with a bout of diarrhea last night that has continued through this morning. Not much fun when you're trying to potty-train! We've gone back to the Pull-Ups until the illness passes through. But I've been so proud of her so far - she's trying with all her might to go to the potty EVERY time she has diarrhea. Tough to do every 5 minutes! Even with her efforts, we've been through about 5 Pull-Ups so far today.

Macie had a nasty diaper this morning, too. I'll probably get in trouble for mentioning it, but it was the first diaper that caused Dale to physically gag while changing. Brought back memories of before Ivie was born, when Dale was really concerned that he wouldn't be able to handle the dirty diapers because of his gag reflex around such nastiness. But I don't remember him ever having a problem with it after Ivie arrived. It's amazing how your body adjusts. But this morning, Macie got the best of him! I quickly took over for fear of having THREE sick people in the house!

So you should see our house right now. Looks like a tornado hit it. It's noon right now, and breakfast just got cleared off the table. And only so it could be replaced by lunch. Ivie's alphabet puzzle is scattered all over the first floor of the house. Both TVs are on, same channel (Noggin, of course), but with a slight delay on the one in the living room, resulting in an annoying discrepancy of sound that appears to only bother me (not Ivie).

Ivie is eating her lunch (chicken noodle soup). She's only eating it because I told her that if she doesn't eat and keep her energy up, we'll have to go back to the doctor. As you know, Ivie hates the doctor. Macie is happily playing on her play mat. Check that. Just took a break from blogging and peeked in on her. She had fallen asleep on her play mat while playing. So now she's upstairs in her crib for what will most likely be a standard 40-minute nap...

Here are some pictures of the mess. Looks like I'll be spending Ivie's nap time cleaning up around here!


Rachel said...

UGH!!! I can totally relate. Zack has been out of town the last two days. I can't keep up... as I'm cleaning up one mess the boys create 5 more. When I finally get a moment of peace I am too exhausted to do anymore. Whew. Hope the girls are feeling better soon. Way to go Ivie on potty training!!

Trish said...

Carson has a terrible cough and runny nose this week.....I have yet to experience baby diarrhea. Can't wait for that!

Feel better, Ivie!