Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thumb and Bath

2 blog posts in one day! Can you tell my parents are still in town helping us out?!? :-)

Macie had a milestone day. As much of a milestone day as a 6-day-old can have, that is! This evening, she found her thumb and was sucking on it like crazy. It was not a coincidence that it was time for her to eat, so she used the closest thing she could find to hold off without screaming. So far, she's not much of a screamer. Which makes for a happy mom (and big sister as Macie and I walk past her room quietly in the middle of the night for the late-night feedings!). Of course, as I noticed the thumb-sucking, Daddy was simultaneously walking down the hall toward us. I pointed out that she had "found her thumb," and the orthodontics salesman in him immediately pulled it out of her mouth and said, "We don't want her to do that!". He already has her future braces on his mind!

After the thumb-finding and 7 pm feeding, it was time for Macie's first bath. Not sure if you can call it a bath, since I didn't use soap. But she was naked, lying on the sponge bath mat, with a wet wash cloth being run over her. That qualifies for a bath in my mind! She handled it about as well as a newborn handles being naked and cold. But we kept it short and sweet and had her wrapped up in a towel before she knew it.

So thumb-sucking and first bath. All in one day. No wonder she's worn out and crabby, crying herself to sleep on Papa's lap as I type...

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