Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Alone, Ivie Style...

Last night, we returned home from our weekly Friday pizza outing at Alfredo's with the Beales and Barkers. It was 7:30 pm, which equaled bath time for Ivie, and, on this night, dinner time for Macie. So Dale and I both headed upstairs, me with Macie, and Dale to run Ivie's bath. As he headed up the stairs, Dale hollered, "Ivie, come on upstairs, it's bath time!". A few minutes later, I'd started feeding Macie, and the door to her nursery was open, so I could see the happenings in the hallway. After a couple of minutes, Ivie had yet to venture up the stairs.

Dale was in the bathroom with the water running, so I yelled in to him, "Do you know what Ivie's doing downstairs?". He said, "Ah, just messin' around...". A couple of minutes later, she came upstairs and got happily into the bath for Daddy. She then let Daddy read books with her and put her to bed (which she generally isn't accepting of), while I finished up with Macie.

After Ivie was in bed, Dale headed back downstairs. I followed shortly thereafter, with Mac in tow. After putting her down and walking into the kitchen, I heard Dale calling me from the family room. As I walked in and saw the look on his face, I knew that something was wrong... He said, "You remember when you asked me what Ivie was doing down here alone?". He then pointed at the keyboard on his laptop, which had been left, unfortunately, within Ivie's reach. Looking down, I saw how she had filled her time...

Ivie had snapped off pretty much EVERY key, and Dale was trying to put it back together. GREAT. Who knew that a 2-year-old could figure out how to take keys off of a laptop?!?

Suffice it to say that we started our Saturday morning with a little "chat" about how Mommy and Daddy's computers are off-limits, and that it's not acceptable to pop the keys off... Ivie responded that she was "looking at pictures" (on the screensaver), and then continued to try to mumble an excuse that didn't make sense to either of us. But I think our point was made, as she solemnly looked at Dale and said, "Sorry, Daddy!".

How can you be mad at THAT?

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