Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eyeglasses and Umbilical Cord Stumps...

I'm sure all of you are wondering how these two things could possibly be related. They're not! Just two different stories about Ivie that I have to blog about today.

This morning, while I was feeding Macie (Doesn't that seem to be a trend? So many funny things happen while I'm feeding Macie!), Ivie walked into the room with my glasses. As she put them on and started walking around, I was reminded of what it used to feel like to put on my dad's glasses (or anyone else's, for that matter, whose prescription wasn't "right" for me) and try to walk. You all remember doing that? When you look down at the ground and it seems like it's a mile away?

So Ivie started to walk toward the hallway, looked down at the ground, and stopped on a dime. She then began taking very cautious baby-steps, as if her feet were going to fall off the earth with each step. It was fun to see her reacting to this phenomenon in the same manner I'm sure I did as a kid.

During potentially that same feeding (they all run together), Ivie drifted over to the glider and caught a glimpse of Macie's umbilical cord stump (which hadn't yet fallen off). You can imagine that for a kid who only knows what her OWN belly button looks like, this was semi-traumatic! What was the long black thing hanging out of Macie's belly button?!? Ivie immediately began to whimper and say, "Macie belly button HURT me!" (meaning, in Ivie speak, that Macie's belly button must hurt HER, because it certainly looked like it should hurt!).

For the next couple of hours, Ivie was intrigued by the belly button. Any time she got close to Macie and saw it, she would back away and whimper, saying something incomprehensible about her belly button hurting and running to her daddy for comfort and reassurance that Macie wasn't in pain.

Thankfully for all involved, Macie's cord stump fell off this afternoon, just hours after Ivie noticed it. When I showed the "normal" belly button to Ivie, she breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. All is again right with the world...

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