Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Card, 2013

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Buddy the Elf (2013, Week 3+)

Sunday, December 15

Looks like Buddy's going to win the race.

Monday, December 16

Sending a sweet message...

Tuesday, December 17

Travel day to Missouri, and Buddy's ready to meet us there!

Wednesday, December 18

Connect Four.  A Schaeperkoetter family favorite.

Thursday, December 19

Looks like Buddy has gotten himself into a precarious situation...

Friday, December 20

Nina's kitchen is definitely more festive now!

Saturday, December 21

Time for a ride on the zip line!

Sunday, December 22

Playing "Reindeer Games".

Monday, December 23

Since he's having to say goodbye to Nina and Papa today, Buddy thought he would leave them a lasting memory.

Tuesday, December 24

The kids are so sad that you're leaving today, Buddy!  Thanks for spending December with us.  We'll see you next year!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Buddy the Elf (2013, Week 2)

Sunday, December 8th

Buddy was in the mood for same late-night moving-watching.

Monday, December 9th

Buddy decided to check out our ball popper game.  He chose the cow.


Tuesday, December 10th

Time to get in a workout.  Gotta stay in shape for all of that flying to and from the North Pole!


Wednesday, December 11th

Playing hide-and-seek this morning, and thinking we might need a hint...

Thursday, December 12th

Just in case we forgot his name...

Friday, December 13th

Buddy wanted to make sure we didn't forget "the Reason for the Season".

Saturday, December 14th

After watching the girls play with Perler Beads lately, Buddy wanted in on the action.  So he created a Christmas ornament and was thoughtful enough to bring the girls several patterns to make some of their own!


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Buddy the Elf (2013, Week 1)

Well, Buddy is back!  He shows up at our house in December, so the girls were ready for him to arrive on the 1st.

Sunday, December 1st

Buddy likes to leave notes upon his initial arrival.

Monday, December 2nd

It took some nudging from me on this one to figure out what Buddy was trying to do here.  "It's fun to stay at the..."  But Ivie got it pretty quickly with that clue!

Tuesday, December 3rd

Buddy felt like playing hide-and-seek.  And throwing in some taunting, apparently.  Too bad he wasn't able to pull his hands all the way into the jar...


Wednesday, December 4th

With all the estrogen in this house, Buddy desperately wants to be a princess sometimes.  And wait in "her" castle for Prince Charming to come along.

Thursday, December 5th

Soooooomebody found the toilet paper and went for a joy ride down the stairs.

Friday, December 6th

Looks like Buddy was dehydrated and needed some OJ upon his arrival this morning!

Saturday, December 7th

Remember that toilet paper from Thursday?  I guess it was so much fun that he thought he'd tackle the tree, too...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

November, 2013 in Pictures

Facebook: November, 2013

November 2 at 1:11p
Dale, take deep breaths and repeat after me: "It's all about the experience...". 

November 3 at 6:54p
Celebrating Diwali with our neighbors! 

November 4 at 3:42p
Turns out that a primarily-on-the-treadmill runner should not expect to have a decent outing with over 100 pounds in the stroller. #ifonlytheywerebabiesagain  

November 4 at 8:28p
After several minutes of bravely enduring my wiggling and tugging, Macie gleefully added her name to tonight's Tooth Fairy circuit.  

November 7 at 6:52a
You know a 2-year old boy has older sisters when you hear him happily singing Miss Mary Mack in his crib upon waking. 


November 7 at 2:57p
May she always be willing to stand out in a crowd... 

November 9 at 7:58p
Fishtail.  A Rainbow Loom pattern Mac can do ENTIRELY by herself. Ahhhh... 

November 11 at 11:40a
Spending a rare morning alone with my fellow Taco Bell fan! 

November 12 at 7:01p
Ivie brought Nancy Drew home from the school library today.  I have never been more hopeful that she will fall in love with a series than I am today.  And might never be again.   Until she brings home the Hardy Boys. 

November 14 at 12:04p
Dale has been a pretty good sport thus far.  But this might just push him over the edge, Cindy... #don'tmesswithhisson   

November 14 at 6:53p
Imagine my surprise when I asked him to count the nuggets on his plate...  Thanks, Madison, for your circle time work! 


November 16 at 7:19a
2005 One Shining Moment. B's fav video on my iPad.  Who can blame him?!? #marvinnastydunk 

November 16 at 7:43a
Ivie's shirts have almost outgrown the kid hangers.  #thiscantbehappeningalready 

November 16 at 11:54a
Finally sorting the "rainbow" bag. 

November 16 at 5:17p
Me: "Bryce, are you poopy?"  Bryce: "Uhhhh, no... Not yet." 

November 19 at 6:56a
I love that when Ivie wakes up early, she turns on her lamp and reads.  I don't remember, but I'm guessing I used to do the same thing, Jeffnjane Schaeperkoetter?  This morning, she finished up "Miss Holly Is Too Jolly." 

November 19 at 5:57p
Conversation with Bryce, Take 2...  Me: "Bryce, did you poopy?"   Bryce: "No, my tooted." 

November 20 at 6:11p
She prefers perfecting her spiral to improving her catching skills.   #QBnotWR 

November 23 at 7:34a
We.  Love.  Saturdays. 

November 23 at 2:35p

November 25 at 1:01p
My sweet sickie.  On a positive note, the shirt really brings out his beautiful blue eyes!

November 28 at 7:39a
Why, at 37, am I still having I-didn't-study-and-now-I'm-failing-this-test nightmares?!? 

November 28 at 8:02a
Today, and always...