Sunday, December 15, 2013

Buddy the Elf (2013, Week 2)

Sunday, December 8th

Buddy was in the mood for same late-night moving-watching.

Monday, December 9th

Buddy decided to check out our ball popper game.  He chose the cow.


Tuesday, December 10th

Time to get in a workout.  Gotta stay in shape for all of that flying to and from the North Pole!


Wednesday, December 11th

Playing hide-and-seek this morning, and thinking we might need a hint...

Thursday, December 12th

Just in case we forgot his name...

Friday, December 13th

Buddy wanted to make sure we didn't forget "the Reason for the Season".

Saturday, December 14th

After watching the girls play with Perler Beads lately, Buddy wanted in on the action.  So he created a Christmas ornament and was thoughtful enough to bring the girls several patterns to make some of their own!


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