Sunday, December 8, 2013

Buddy the Elf (2013, Week 1)

Well, Buddy is back!  He shows up at our house in December, so the girls were ready for him to arrive on the 1st.

Sunday, December 1st

Buddy likes to leave notes upon his initial arrival.

Monday, December 2nd

It took some nudging from me on this one to figure out what Buddy was trying to do here.  "It's fun to stay at the..."  But Ivie got it pretty quickly with that clue!

Tuesday, December 3rd

Buddy felt like playing hide-and-seek.  And throwing in some taunting, apparently.  Too bad he wasn't able to pull his hands all the way into the jar...


Wednesday, December 4th

With all the estrogen in this house, Buddy desperately wants to be a princess sometimes.  And wait in "her" castle for Prince Charming to come along.

Thursday, December 5th

Soooooomebody found the toilet paper and went for a joy ride down the stairs.

Friday, December 6th

Looks like Buddy was dehydrated and needed some OJ upon his arrival this morning!

Saturday, December 7th

Remember that toilet paper from Thursday?  I guess it was so much fun that he thought he'd tackle the tree, too...

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