Saturday, December 7, 2013

Facebook: November, 2013

November 2 at 1:11p
Dale, take deep breaths and repeat after me: "It's all about the experience...". 

November 3 at 6:54p
Celebrating Diwali with our neighbors! 

November 4 at 3:42p
Turns out that a primarily-on-the-treadmill runner should not expect to have a decent outing with over 100 pounds in the stroller. #ifonlytheywerebabiesagain  

November 4 at 8:28p
After several minutes of bravely enduring my wiggling and tugging, Macie gleefully added her name to tonight's Tooth Fairy circuit.  

November 7 at 6:52a
You know a 2-year old boy has older sisters when you hear him happily singing Miss Mary Mack in his crib upon waking. 


November 7 at 2:57p
May she always be willing to stand out in a crowd... 

November 9 at 7:58p
Fishtail.  A Rainbow Loom pattern Mac can do ENTIRELY by herself. Ahhhh... 

November 11 at 11:40a
Spending a rare morning alone with my fellow Taco Bell fan! 

November 12 at 7:01p
Ivie brought Nancy Drew home from the school library today.  I have never been more hopeful that she will fall in love with a series than I am today.  And might never be again.   Until she brings home the Hardy Boys. 

November 14 at 12:04p
Dale has been a pretty good sport thus far.  But this might just push him over the edge, Cindy... #don'tmesswithhisson   

November 14 at 6:53p
Imagine my surprise when I asked him to count the nuggets on his plate...  Thanks, Madison, for your circle time work! 


November 16 at 7:19a
2005 One Shining Moment. B's fav video on my iPad.  Who can blame him?!? #marvinnastydunk 

November 16 at 7:43a
Ivie's shirts have almost outgrown the kid hangers.  #thiscantbehappeningalready 

November 16 at 11:54a
Finally sorting the "rainbow" bag. 

November 16 at 5:17p
Me: "Bryce, are you poopy?"  Bryce: "Uhhhh, no... Not yet." 

November 19 at 6:56a
I love that when Ivie wakes up early, she turns on her lamp and reads.  I don't remember, but I'm guessing I used to do the same thing, Jeffnjane Schaeperkoetter?  This morning, she finished up "Miss Holly Is Too Jolly." 

November 19 at 5:57p
Conversation with Bryce, Take 2...  Me: "Bryce, did you poopy?"   Bryce: "No, my tooted." 

November 20 at 6:11p
She prefers perfecting her spiral to improving her catching skills.   #QBnotWR 

November 23 at 7:34a
We.  Love.  Saturdays. 

November 23 at 2:35p

November 25 at 1:01p
My sweet sickie.  On a positive note, the shirt really brings out his beautiful blue eyes!

November 28 at 7:39a
Why, at 37, am I still having I-didn't-study-and-now-I'm-failing-this-test nightmares?!? 

November 28 at 8:02a
Today, and always...


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