Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Buddy the Elf (2013, Week 3+)

Sunday, December 15

Looks like Buddy's going to win the race.

Monday, December 16

Sending a sweet message...

Tuesday, December 17

Travel day to Missouri, and Buddy's ready to meet us there!

Wednesday, December 18

Connect Four.  A Schaeperkoetter family favorite.

Thursday, December 19

Looks like Buddy has gotten himself into a precarious situation...

Friday, December 20

Nina's kitchen is definitely more festive now!

Saturday, December 21

Time for a ride on the zip line!

Sunday, December 22

Playing "Reindeer Games".

Monday, December 23

Since he's having to say goodbye to Nina and Papa today, Buddy thought he would leave them a lasting memory.

Tuesday, December 24

The kids are so sad that you're leaving today, Buddy!  Thanks for spending December with us.  We'll see you next year!


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