Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ivie Moves to First Grade

Last year this time, we were sending our first-born to Kindergarten.  I just looked back at the blog post from her first day and realized a few things:

First of all, to get it out of the way, I THOUGHT back then that my hair was very short (I had just recently chopped it all off).  Now?  It's only gotten shorter.  And easier.  I'm in hair heaven these days, despite the fact that I get funny looks from people sometimes.

But on to realizations about Ivie.  You know, the one this blog post is really supposed to be about...

1)  My then-shy 5 year-old that didn't want to walk through the doorway alone has turned into a confident First Grader that got upset when the doors to the school opened and I wouldn't let her go in because Dale had not yet arrived.

2)  The ease with which I have always been able to get Ivie to smile for the camera is decreasing exponentially (at least in front of a crowd).  I had to beg her to let me take the camera out of the car when we arrived at school.  Are kids supposed to be embarrassed by their mom already in FIRST GRADE?!?

3)  Her beloved Princess backpack has given way to a "more grown up" polka-dotted one.  Can't I just hold onto the princess days for a bit longer?!?

4)  Lastly, Ivie just LOOKS older.  Sad.  Freeze, Ivie.  FREEZE!!  Mommy's not ready for this yet.

Here are a few pictures from Iv's first day.  Which was an all-around success.  When we asked her how she liked her new teacher, she responded with "She's the nicest teacher in the WHOLE WORLD.  Just like Mrs. Federman!".  Music to my ears.

Daddy and I love you, sweetie.  Here's to a great year of First Grade.  I am so eager to see the exciting changes that come your way...

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Mark Winn said...

I'm glad Ivie was able to use the Princess backpack for a year. I can't believe she's already grown out of the Princess phase.