Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ivie's First Day of Kindergarten

Ivie's anticipation of her first day of Kindergarten had almost gotten the best of her by the time Wednesday rolled around. On the way to school that morning, she said to me, "Mommy, I can't BELIEVE that it's FINALLY my first day of Kindergarten!!!".

Your daddy and I can't believe it either, sweetie...

Before we left the house that morning, we had to get some "first day of school" pictures. Too bad my camera battery was dead when I tried to turn it on. A quick frantic call to Brooke next door solved that problem, though (Have I said lately how wonderful it is to have the Devers for neighbors? Add "always having a charged camera" to the list of thousands of reasons.).

Ivie and I got to school a little bit before Dale, who had taken the "littles" to daycare first. While we waited, we snapped a few photos on the Trinity steps.

When we saw Dale pulling into the parking lot, we headed to meet him, stopping briefly to get a few pictures in front of the Trinity Lions bus.

And then we convinced another Trinity mom to take a family picture for us.

Before getting a couple of Ivie separately with Dale and me.

Then we were off to the front doors of the Lower School to wait for the teachers to swing them open and let the kids in for the start of their new adventure. We took the opportunity to get a picture in front of the Trinity mailbox - I think this will be a great way to show how much taller she is each year on the first day of school!

Then it was time to go in the building! As she walked toward the door, we saw our first (and turns out ONLY) glimpse of apprehension from Ivie...

But all was well again when Daddy grabbed her hand and entered school by her side.

We paused at her door for a few more pictures...

And then headed inside, where Ivie's first stop was to see the class hamster that Mrs. Federman had promised would be in the room to welcome them to their first day.

I noticed that Ivie's first "job" was to clean the tables. (Hopefully she does a better job of cleaning in her classroom than she does at home!)

After hanging with the hamster for a while, Ivie sat down at her desk to begin her first project: coloring in her name so they could hang the cards in the room and start to learn the names of their classmates.

Too soon, it was time for Dale and me to leave. I think we both could have stayed there forever, savoring (and dreading, at the same time) the moment that, not long ago, seemed like light years away. Before we know it, we'll be sending her off to college!

But, for now, we'll enjoy our sweet little Kindergartner. Here's hoping you have an amazing first year of school, Ivie! Your daddy and I are, as always, very proud of you.

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Mark Winn said...

That's one nice looking bookbag! :-)

(But I thought it was supposed to say Ivie Schae on the back?)