Saturday, September 4, 2010

Family Bowling Night

Last Friday night, we had a family bowling night with friends of ours from daycare, the Kidds and the McCullochs. It had been a while since we'd been to the bowling alley, mainly because our most convenient lanes, The Mardi Gras Bowling Center, decided not to continue the "Kids Bowl Free" program this summer. I know. The nerve...

The good news, though, is that, sometime in the last year, they got kids-sized shoes. Strutting around in them was definitely Macie's favorite part of the evening. The shoes and the soda, that is.

Ivie had a blast bowling with her friends, the two Carolines. They started off actually rolling the balls down the lanes themselves...

But it didn't take us long (only one scolding by the staff) to realize that the girls weren't strong enough to get the 6-pound balls all the way down the lane by themselves (not that I can say much, since I only use an 8-pounder)!

So they were delegated to ramp-use only. Thankfully, it didn't cut down on the excitement! Or, as you'll see, the encouragement of friends (and sisters).

Thanks for the fun evening, friends! We hope another Family Bowling Night is in our future soon!

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