Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meet the Heels, 2010

Last Saturday, while I was at work, Dale took the girls to Meet the Heels. And he was even brave enough to take the camera. What a superstar dad! (Although he was quick to point out to me later that Michelle Brunner saved him. So thanks for your help, Michelle!)

Upon arrival, as Dale was fighting with the stroller, carrying Macie, and trying to keep an eye on Ivie as they descended the stairs into the stadium (I've got a pretty good visual of this, and, while I feel sorry for him, I must admit that it makes me want to laugh), Ivie took off in front of him and ran toward Rameses. So Dale frantically put down the stroller, pulled out the camera, and started snapping away, eager to get some pictures to show me.

Until, that is, he heard a man behind him say, "HEY! We've been here for 30 minutes WAITING OUR TURN." Whoops. Apparently there was a line...

So Dale quickly took a few more pictures, apologized, and scurried Ivie away. Well done, Daddy!

Here are a couple shots from their day, including a series of Macie throwing the football. I THINK SHE'S GOING TO BE MY LEFTY!!!!


Stacy W. said...

love it---well done Dale!

Stacy W. said...

love it. well done, dale!

Marcia said...

Dale---great job!

Amy--the thing I hate most about this post "Saturday while I was at work"....yucko!!!