Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jumbled Mumbles (#1)

I know. Silly title! But I already use the boring "random thoughts" title for Ivie, and wanted a different name for MY musings.

1) Friday evening, for the first time, Macie asked to sit on the potty. I've put her on it before, mostly before bathtime, but this time SHE instigated it. And she actually TRIED to go poopy (the grunting gave it away). It was really cute. Unsuccessful, but cute. The real thing came about an hour later. In her diaper.

2) I went to probably the only football game this year where I will get to watch every, single, play. Dale and I got a babysitter for the day and had a "date day" at the game. Fun! (But we lost.) Our typical pattern of taking the girls to Tar Heel Town, staying for maybe the first half (or quarter!), and then packing up the girls to head home will resume October 2nd (our next home game).

3) Speaking of babysitters, we've finally gotten Ivie to the point where she's actually excited when we tell her our sitter is coming over. I think it's because she recognizes that Miss Colleen is a whole lot more fun than boring Mommy and Daddy. Macie, on the other hand, who a few months ago didn't care who was watching her so long as they let her sit on their lap, has turned into the I'm-going-to-scream-my-head-off-so-that-you-can-still-hear-me-as-you-pull-out-of-the-driveway guilt-tripper. One for two's not bad, I guess.

4) Ivie's got Dale wrapped around her little finger. When Dale's home, I put Macie to bed and he takes Ivie. Their pattern these days? Ivie talks Dale into letting her watch "just one segment" of Clifford on the DVR in our room. As Dale gets her all set up, Ivie says, "Daddy, I think you should go to your office to work." Dale, who thinks this is a good idea and a wonderful way to multitask so that HIS bedtime is earlier, obliges. Then, inevitably, the clock moves more quickly than he thinks, and by the time he gets back to our room to take Iv to bed, the second "segment" of Clifford has begun. And, since it's already started, Ivie convinces him to let her watch the rest.

So she fairly regularly gets 30 minutes of Clifford instead of the originally-agreed-upon 15.

And don't think for a second that Ivie didn't plan it to happen just this way when she made the "work" suggestion in the first place. Smart girl.

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