Monday, December 24, 2012

Buddy the Elf (2012, Week 3+)

Saturday, December 15th

Travel day to Missouri...  Buddy didn't want the kids to worry about him not making the trip, so he hopped on the train and told them he'd see them there!

Sunday, December 16th

The girls loved the mistletoe at Nina and Papa's.  Looks like Buddy did, too!


Monday, December 17th

That mischievous Buddy!  He drew pictures on the girls' portraits!  Ivie with a bow tie, and Macie with a top hat.

Tuesday, December 18th

The "S" hanging in Nina and Papa's house was "leaning toward Schronce's" (as Grandma would say).  Buddy took it upon himself to fix it.

Wednesday, December 19th

Uh-oh, Buddy must have tried to take over the California Raisins' territory.  They held him hostage to show him who's boss in Missouri.

Thursday, December 20th

The girls had been clamoring for Buddy to put candy in their stockings.  He obliged with candy canes for all!

Friday, December 21st

Today, Buddy showed off his spelling skills by using Nina's blocks.

Saturday, December 22nd

After a long week traveling the extra miles to Missouri, Buddy needed a shower.  And since he knew the girls were going to take a bath that morning, he just decided to hang out until they arrived.

Sunday, December 23rd

Travel day back to North Carolina, and Buddy passed along his message using Ivie's Glow Dome gift from Great Granny.

Monday, December 24th

Buddy's last day with us for this year, and he went out with a reminder to the kids on proper behavior.

Thanks for spending December with us, Buddy!  See you again next year!

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