Friday, December 14, 2012

Buddy the Elf (2012, Week 2)

Saturday, December 8th

Buddy apparently got thirsty from his travels and whipped up some chocolate milk, taking sips throughout the day.

Sunday, December 9th

Even Buddy was sad that Molly was leaving us after a wonderful 9 weeks.  There were quite a few tears shed that morning by us all...  Thankfully, we will see her again in Missouri in a few days!

Monday, December 10th

Since the girls have Gymnastics class on Mondays, Buddy wanted to show off HIS hanging skills.  The girls compared it to "climbing the rope" at gymnastics.

Tuesday, December 11th

Silly Buddy decided it would be clever to decorate the tree with the girls undies!

Wednesday, December 12th

Santa apparently wanted some proof of how the kids were behaving.  So Buddy pulled out my camera to take a few snapshots of the activities.

Thursday, December 13th

The girls spent all of Wednesday night playing dress-up, and Buddy apparently wanted in on the action.  So he found the only outfit that would "work" with his sewn-together hands (a mermaid, much to his chagrin) and invited Ariel and some fish to join him for a play date.

Friday, December 14th

After watching Macie and Bryce have mini-pancakes before school every morning, Buddy decided it was his turn.  Complete with syrup to wash it down. 

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