Saturday, December 8, 2012

Buddy the Elf (2012, Week 1)

After arriving for the Christmas season on December 1st, Buddy, our Elf on the Shelf, is back to his antics again.  This time, I thought I would document his happenings on the blog, week by week. 

Saturday, December 1st

Buddy arrived with a message for the girls to remind them why he hangs out at our house during December...

Sunday, December 2nd 

Buddy was sad that HIS name wasn't on a stocking.  So, he took over Bryce's for a day.

Monday, December 3rd

The tummy bug was going around our house over the weekend; sadly, it looks like Buddy caught it.

Tuesday, December 4th

Our favorite family card game is Go Fish.  So Buddy and his Barbie and Fairy friends joined in on the fun.

Wednesday, December 5th

Our Halloween stash is still significant.  Buddy found it and did a little damage.

Thursday, December 6th

Buddy wanted to make sure that Santa knows he wants TOYS and CANDY for Christmas.

Friday, December 7th

Time to "Go Fish"ing!  For real this time...

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