Monday, April 23, 2012

A Slice of Bryce (#21): Twelve Months!!!

Happy FIRST birthday, Buggy!  I've said before that I would be thrilled if I could birth a one-year-old, as I've, historically, not been a big fan of tediousness of the infant days.  But you know what?  I've enjoyed almost every single minute of Bryce's first year.  I think I've learned, over the past 6 years, that each moment is one to be cherished.  Even the difficult ones!

That said, I've got to admit that I'm sort of happy this twelfth month is over, because B has spent pretty much the entire month sick with an ear infection that just won't go away.  He's been to the doctor I believe 4 times this month, and the doctors have tried at least 3 different medicines.  We're hopeful that the one he's on now is going to do the trick.

Bryce has started to think about standing up and letting go of whatever he's holding on to, but he's still not very sure of himself.  So, absent a minor miracle, he won't walk as early as his sisters (Ivie ON her birthday, and Macie at 10 1/2 months).  In fact, I'm thinking I need to get him a pair of knee pads, as I'm worried that the bruises on his knees are going to turn to permanent scars!  He is not scared to take off and crawl wherever he wants to go, despite the various hard surfaces below him!

Other than the ear infections, there's not really much else to report about B, developmentally.  He's sleeping and eating great, and loving whole milk in sippy cups.  We're down to just 1 bottle a day, warmed up for the bedtime snuggle that I still enjoy, despite the end of nursing.

We love you so much, Brycee-boo!  Here's to many more birthdays...

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