Friday, April 20, 2012

I Can't Remember...

Dale and I returned Wednesday night from a wonderful vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We both needed some time away from "the real world", and this was just what the doctor ordered. Since I left my camera at home (on purpose), I decided that the following list was the best way to summarize our last 5 days:

I can't remember the last time I (or, in some cases, if I have EVER)...

1) Wore nothing but swimsuits and sundresses for 4 straight days.
2) Slept until 8:30a.
3) Didn't wake to either a child or a work alarm clock.
4) Spent an hour and a half in a cave (Rio Secreto), swimming amongst stalactites and stalagmites, complete with wet suits and helmets outfitted with lights.
5) Was actually able to read on an airplane.
6) Napped like a one-year old (once in the morning, once in the afternoon).
7) Ate 5 orders of chicken nachos (hold the guacamole, please!) in 4 days.
8) Didn't have a glass of milk for 5 days (it was warm and had an awful after-taste).
9) Sat in a cabana for 5 straight hours, two days in a row, watching off-and-on afternoon rain showers.
10) Had a strawberry daiquiri (or 2!) every day for 4 straight days. Non-alcoholic, of course, since I just can't get over my dislike of the taste of rum (or alcohol in general!).
11) Walked along the beach, holding hands with my hubby.
12) Didn't read an email on my BlackBerry for 5 days.
13) Didn't even turn my BlackBerry ON for 5 days.
14) Paid $18 for a box of Dramamine, took a dose (apparently not the non-drowsy type), and passed out in the van on the way back from our excursion.
15) Had dinner with 10 people I hardly knew before this trip and laughed so hard I got side cramps.
16) Saw a crocodile swimming near the shore.
17) Read 2 books and 3 magazines in 5 days.
18) Had bacon and pancakes/french toast for breakfast for 5 straight days.
19) Showered 5 days in a row.
20) Was only responsible for putting ONE child (errr, husband) to bed. And he didn't require a warm bottle.

So, thank you, Paradisus of Playa del Carmen. And thank you, Ormco, for footing the bill. And thank you, Dale, for being so amazing at your job that Ormco wanted to foot the bill!

And, above all, muchas gracias to you, Mom and Dad (aka, Nina and Papa), for being the best parents (and grandparents to my kids) that a girl could ever have. We're sorry that you had to take Bryce to the doctor. Twice. Not to mention that you had to front the $60 for the co-pays and the meds. We owe ya.

Seriously, though, it's more special than you know that we were able to leave the kids and not worry about them for even one second. We love you!

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Chrissy said...

How nice! Glad you got the chance to do all of that! :)