Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in Missouri, 2011

It seems as though each time we travel to Missouri, I pull my camera out less and less. The hustle and bustle of our time there just doesn't lend itself well to snapping photos. I did get a few treasured shots, though, that I want to share here. Namely, a photo of Granny and Papa with all of their great-grandkids (minus Bryce, who had JUST fallen asleep for a long overdue nap on Nina's lap in a quieter area of the house)...

...and a shot of Nina and Papa's 8 grandchildren.

Since I did snap a few other good shots, I'll just include them in this post as well.

Though I don't have the pictures to prove it, our Christmas trip to Missouri was wonderful! The girls had a blast playing with their cousins, and Bryce couldn't get enough of all the attention and action around him. And us adults? Well, suffice it to say that there's nothing better than time with family.

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