Thursday, February 3, 2011

Phone Pictures

Today when I picked the girls up from school, this is what I witnessed in Macie's class. Certainly a way to get 10 toddlers to behave. Classic.

While I was taking the picture (on my phone - sorry for the below-average quality), Ivie spotted me doing so. Which prompted her to want to use my phone to take pictures on our way to dinner. I gave in (and got the peaceful drive to Rudino's I was hoping for in exchange).

When we arrived, we had a few minutes while we waited for Brooke and Emerson. So we took a few more pictures...

And, right before we left after eating, Macie's teacher, Miss Madison, showed up for her evening shift at her side job. So Ivie wanted to take a picture of them, too.

Lastly, after Macie's what-is-turning-into-nightly-poopy (why can't it be a mid-morning poopy while she's at school?!?), she demanded, as always, to be the one to take it to the trash can. So, given the trend of the evening, I took a picture of her on the way. In her Hello Kitty boots. Quite the fashion statement, eh?

Aren't you glad I don't take pictures with my phone very often to post here? Yeah, me too. Don't worry, I won't make a habit of it. In fact, I'm hopeful that tomorrow, when she wakes up, Ivie forgets that my phone even has a camera. What are the chances? Slim to none, I'm afraid...

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Stacy W. said...

Your mom has a camera phone!!!Please ask to use it often. Pictures are worth 1000 words especially when I have tired eyes from all the boring work related things throughout the day.
Love, Stacy "I always read every single word on your mom's blog" W.