Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ivie's Grandparents' Day

Friday, May 3rd, was Ivie's Grandparents' Day at school.  While her grandparents weren't able to be here for the celebration, Macie and I were able to attend (thanks, Brooke, for hanging out with the recovering-from-mono B-Man), wielding both the camera and the Flip Video (which I am afraid is going to have to be retired and replaced by the video camera on my iPhone, as the Flip is growing old and finicky).

Below are some of the pictures Mac, Iv, and I snapped of the day, along with a video of the dance that Ivie and her small group performed for the crowd.  I wish I could also include the video of the poem that the 1st Grade recited just before the dance;  however, as I discovered upon my arrival home, the Flip failed to record the audio during that segment.  So all I have is the visual of the kids acting out the motions.  Not much good without the adorable words that went with it, I'm afraid.  (Too bad I didn't make the official switch to the iPhone video in time for this event...)

We hope you enjoy the pictures and video from afar, Nina, Papa, and Grandma!

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