Thursday, February 21, 2013

Disney, 2013

Earlier this month, Dale and I took Ivie and Macie to Disney World for 3 days (first day at Animal Kingdom, and the next two at Magic Kingdom).  This was Ivie's second Disney trip (we also went in January of 2010), but Macie's first (she was only 16 months old the first time, so we left her at home with our friends, the Cherrys).

This time, it was Bryce's turn to stay home, so Nina and Papa flew out to get some quality only-grandson-in-NC time.

The last souvenir the girls requested were photo albums so they could get pictures printed from the trip and share them with their friends.  So, upon our return home, I was under extreme 4- and 6-year old pressure to get pictures edited and printed.  We flew home on Sunday, and, by Thursday morning, the pictures were edited, selected, printed (thanks, one-hour Walgreen's!), put into the albums, and ready for Macie's Show-and-Tell Day.  Phew!

The good part about that is that it also meant that the pictures were ready for me to create a Shutterfly book, which became a reality when Harris Teeter's coupon machine printed one out for a free 8x8 book.  Destiny.

So here is the story of our trip.  The girls had a blast.  I think they were at the perfect age - maybe we'll go back again when Bryce is 4!

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