Saturday, September 8, 2012

No More Training Wheels!



Downright scared to death. 

Any of these would be apt descriptors of Ivie's feelings about taking the training wheels off of her bike.  So, since it's not her favorite pastime, anyway, we haven't pushed her on it.

But this morning, with the weather not quite so hot and me trying to find ways to amuse the kids in the front yard as opposed to the back (where Bryce can't help but find things that he shouldn't be messing with), I urged her to give it a try.  She agreed, and I dug out the wrench and set to work (just call me Mrs. Dad!).

As I suspected she would, Iv got it on her first try (though we didn't venture into turning just yet!).  We started with a few times uphill...

... and then downhill.

Next step is to practice the graceful stop and landing!

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