Monday, February 27, 2012

A Visit From Toothetina

On Christmas Eve, Ivie discovered that she had her first loose tooth. She proceeded to spend the next 2 months "making it wiggly"...

Fast-forward to Valentine's Day. Since it was a Tuesday, Ivie rode home from school with Kristie, who sent me a text that read, "Hanging by a thread! She asked me to send you a picture." Here it was.

Besides thinking it was a bit gross, I was also excited, as it was clearly time for the tooth to come out! So when Ivie ran over to me upon my arrival to pick her up, I told her that I would be happy to pull it out for her. But then I got distracted talking to Kristie, and Ivie disappeared into the garage, presumably to get a bit more playtime before we had to leave.

Imagine my surprise when she ran over to me just minutes later, saying, "Look, Mommy! I pulled my tooth out MYSELF!". And she sure had! So much for her being nervous about it hurting!

So here's my girl, minus her first baby tooth...

Ivie was so excited for her Tooth Fairy (named Toothetina, inspired by the book Silverlicious) to make her first visit to our home. Toothetina didn't disappoint, leaving a whopping $5 in the tooth pillow. And she even let us keep the tooth, since it is Ivie's first one.

Since the whole first-tooth-losing experience was a positive one for Iv, she is ultra-excited about doing it again. So it's no surprise that her finger is constantly in her mouth working on the next one (which is, in fact, starting to wiggle a bit!).

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Stacy W. said...

No tooth chart to go along with this post....I like it! :)