Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Slice of Bryce (#19): Ten Months!!!

Ten months. Wow! With the weather getting "nicer", (in quotes because the winter never really got bad) it seems like time flies more quickly. We spend as much time outside as we possibly can, and I love that the days are getting longer. Bring on spring!!!

Bryce's tenth month has been an exciting one! He's starting to seem less and less like a "baby" to me. He's a crawling maniac now, and he's starting to walk behind various items (stools, chairs, his music table) and use them as push toys. Today, in fact, I went back and watched this video of Macie at almost the exact same age as Bryce. I think if I would have put them both in gender neutral clothes, they could be the same baby! It's going to be so fun to see how Bryce's "look" changes as he grows...

Other than crawling, Bryce has also moved to eating primarily table foods. He'll still eat jarred baby food, of course, but we're trying as often as possible to get him to make the transition. In some ways it makes it easier, but, in others, it's more difficult, as I want him to be having nutritious meals when, how-can-I-say-this-without-sounding-like-an-awful-mother, the rest of his family might not always be. He's getting pretty skilled at picking up finger foods, but still likes to be spoon-fed, too, particularly with items that are squishy (like bananas and scrambled eggs). Seems it's a texture issue for him (he comes by that honestly).

B is also talking up a storm. His favorite word/sound is "Da-Da", but he has no idea what he's saying (though Dale would surely disagree). His current "tricks" are clapping and playing the "How Big Is Bryce?" game (thanks to hard-core training sessions when Nina and Papa were here visiting).

In other good news, Bryce is hardly ever waking up during the night any more. And, when he does, we've been able to blame it on teeth cutting through (which reminds me that I still owe you all one of my famous teeth update posts). For those rare middle-of-the-night crying sessions, Dale and I have become quite adept at turning on our sound machine, rolling over, and going back to sleep. We assume Bryce ultimately gives up and does the same.

Alright, I think that's it for this month's update. I'm including a crawling video below (since I needed to get his speedy crawl documented before he decides to take to walking, instead), along with my typical 10-month pictures. Many thanks to Dale for being my "spotter" so B wouldn't fall off the chair during the photo session...

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